10th October 2013 -  A new
TWO decades plus five
years of successfully providing marketing
and social research support to national and
multinational companies, and international
organisations - Tons of thanks to our
partners and Somratians!  Our Silver Jubilee
Achieved! Full speed ahead!
March 2011: The Bangladesh Marketing
and Social Research Society (BMSRS) has
been inaugurated with a gala event at the
Radisson, Dhaka
September 2011:  ESOMAR
Outstanding Representative in an
Emerging Market

Award winner: Dr. Nasir Uddin
ESOMAR Representative in

"Nasir has shown unparalleled
excellence in contributing to the
development and awareness of the
market research industry within an
emerging market. Not only has he
built and reinforced a local network
of researchers, he has woven
ESOMAR’s code into the
fundamental structure of the industry,
and has also ensured that
neighbouring sectors such as
media, advertising and branding are
all closely linked in to these quality
Research Plus, Insights Plus, Value Plus - Beyond the Conventional
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24 December, 2012: The first workshop
on Market and Social Research by the
Bangladesh Marketing and Social Research
Society (BMSRS) was held at Hotel Lakeshore,
Dhaka. The speakers were senior research
practitioners, while the experts panel
comprised senior researchers and
consultants from both the client and the
agency side of the industry. It was an
introductory but a highly interactive session,
and was the first step towards many more of
such future events.