We began our awesome journey in October of 1998 with only two full-time researchers. Since then, we have passed twenty-eight successful years with 10 senior researchers, 20 electronic data processing experts, 40 full-time data collection team leaders/quality controllers, and over 700 part-time data collectors, spread across the country.

We are fully equipped to conduct any type of survey research in Bangladesh or in the region.

Our head office is based in Dhaka, housed in its own spacious (20,000 sq ft.) building, with all modern, high-tech ERP facilities. Our field offices stretch to all the major divisions of Bangladesh to facilitate quality control of the research projects.

As part of our responsibility towards the society, first year undergraduate students are provided free of cost tuition for the
"Developing the Future of Professional Marketing & Social Research in Bangladesh" Programme. Furthermore, University
seminars are hosted to teach and encourage the 'futures' of Bangladesh about research through BMSRS (Bangladesh
Market and Social Research Society) initiatives, of which our chairman is the lead contributor.

Our company’s main researchers received recognition from world professional bodies like Market Research Society (MRS,
UK) and European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). For details on the aforementioned organizations,
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28+ years of dedicated professionalism
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