Research Plus, Insights Plus, Value Plus - Beyond the Conventional
Somra group

Knowledge / Attitude / Practices

Customer Satisfaction    Brand Building

Price Sensitivity        New Product / Service Development       Retail Measurement (Audit / Census)             

Demand & Elasticity        Marketing ROI      Stakeholder Management      

Competitor Analysis and External Environment scanning     

Post Launch Monitoring      Advertisements Test (Post / Pre launch)

Media          Market Segmentation      Financial / Banking Packages    

Socio-Economic Surveys       

Family Planning and Public Health      
Public Opinion     Child Research     

Demography (including Migration)
Specific Products
The Project Coordinating Mechanisms:
A state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – ActivMan™ -  coordinates each research activity and ensure quality through
timely coordination of the functions, helping improve both the internal and the external communications process.
Conventional (PAPI, CATI, Mystery Shopping,
Observation, etc)
;and beyond (MOBILE,
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